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Introducing the XTM 2050 Next-Generation Firewall from WatchGuard

XTM 2050

With the recent catastrophe surrounding Sony’s security breach, large enterprises are reevaluating their network security systems. If it can happen to a company as highly regarded at Sony, can it happen to anyone? The answer depends on the strength of the network security system that is in place when a security breach is attempted. Unfortunately, viruses, hackers, and malicious software are part of the price a business pays for being globally connected to the World Wide Web.  However grim that truth may be, there are new tools and effective solutions available to mitigate risks and data exposure. To address these concerns, WatchGuard now offers its latest next-generation firewall and flagship security appliance, the WatchGuard XTM 2050.

Today, WatchGuard unveiled the XTM 2050, part of a new line of next-generation firewalls geared towards large enterprises, university campuses, managed security service providers (MSSPs), data centers, manufacturing plants, and school districts. The XTM 2050 includes: advanced firewalling, Application Control, IPS, and LiveSecurity, all for a fraction of the price of comparable 20 Gbps next generation firewalls.

Using a “defense-in-depth” approach, WatchGuard next-generation firewalls utilize the latest in network security technologies.  For example, the XTM 2050 is the only next generation firewall to include stateful packet inspection, deep packet inspection and proxy technologies as part of its comprehensive firewall protection.  Application Control allows enterprises to control more than 1,800 applications, and regulate acceptable use policy with high granularity and user visibility.  Using continually updated signatures, the Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) scans network traffic to detect and block incoming threats.

As Sony has shown, the costs of having inadequate network security can be devastating to an enterprise.  Now more than ever, businesses need to take a proactive stance in stopping hackers and malware.  The WatchGuard XTM 2050 next generation firewall provides the high performance and high security features that enterprises expect and need for today’s Internet-driven economy.  And, needless to say, we at WatchGuard are proud to be leading the pack in protecting enterprise networks, applications and data.


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