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No Company is Immune to Data Loss

An unprotected company, run out of a home office, is just as likely to have some form of data loss as any other unprotected company. As I wrote last week, data loss is as simple as typing in the wrong email address and more likely than a Hollywood portrayal of a hacker planning an attack for months. The harsh reality is that no company is too big or too small to fall victim to data loss. According to KPMG’s “Data Loss Barometer,” in 2009 alone, more than 113.6 million people were affected by data loss. To put this into perspective, there are approximately 310.5 million people in the United States and 6.9 billion globally. Clearly, it can happen to anyone whose data is unprotected. WatchGuard wants everyone educated on the importance of protecting their company with Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

The Citi Bank and Sony security breaches made headlines around the country.  These security breaches remind us that when companies, banks, hospitals, etc. obtain personal information, there is a chance that it could get into the wrong hands. If companies do not take the proper measures to keep personal information safe, then no one is safe from identity theft or fraud. While these security breaches are extremely unfortunate, they have forced businesses to evaluate the way they handle private information. More businesses are turning to DLP to ensure they are not the next newspaper headline or talk show discussion topic.

DLP is a highly discussed, and debated, technology that is designed to monitor and filter content.  Like any new technology and approach that addresses business processes, compliance and privacy, DLP can be viewed either as a tool or as a standalone product. Based on recent events, customer deployments and analyst research, DLP has migrated from a standalone product that affected the entire enterprise, computing systems and business processes to one of a tool that is used to accelerate business, protect the organization and ensure privacy. Evidence of this can be easily seen with acquisitions in the space that are incorporating DLP into existing solutions as a complement – not as a silo.

An effective data loss prevention solution needs to be:

§ Seamlessly integrated with a secure content and threat management platform

§ Able to scan across email and web with consolidated policies, management and administration

§ Automated, with no additional FTEs required

§ Cost efficient with low total cost of ownership

DLP products are intended to help prevent (and detect) the unauthorized disclosure of data, whether that data is sensitive, regulated, or classified.

The recent coverage of the major security breaches is forcing companies to reevaluate the way they protect their private data. Unfortunately, Data Loss Prevention in not going to stop the people with malicious intent, but it will help to keep it out of their hands. Visit WatchGuard for more information on making your company safe and secure.



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