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Are You a Target?

Coverage of a Fortune 500 company’s most recent security breach seems to be a regular topic on the nightly news. Lately, you may have heard about your favorite celebrity’s gmail account being hacked and shared with the world. Or the infamous hacktivist group “Anonymous” who’s ultimate goal is to take down the government through exposing confidential data. It’s all very frightening.  And though your life is not nearly as exciting as any Hollywood star, and your business’ most confidential information doesn’t compare to that of the CIA or FBI’s you are still a target. Just because your company is not a common household name does not mean you are immune from security breaches.  In fact, small to mid-sized businesses are a hacker’s primary target. Now, more than ever, companies must be proactive about securing their network.

According to the US Secret Service and Verizon Communication Inc. they responded to 761 data breaches in 2010. Of those 761 breaches more than half were companies with 100 employees or less. This means you could be their next target. What people don’t realize, hacking takes time and money, and the larger the corporation, the more time and money the hacker must invest. This simple equation explains why more mom and pop shops are being hacked and, sadly, put out of business due to the extremely high costs associated with a security breach.

What can you do to prevent a breach? Partner with a company that is constantly working to be a step ahead of hackers. According to security analyst and fraud investigators contributing to a CNET report, “The Internet has bred an elite class of criminals who are organized, well funded and far more technologically sophisticated then law enforcement officials.” (CNET) With that said, it is important to be proactive about network security, because once an intrusion happens, the likelihood of finding the culprit is very slim. WatchGuard works around the clock to keep intruders out of your network, and keep you from becoming another statistic.


2 thoughts on “Are You a Target?

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