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Implementing Changes During the Month of October

As Cyber Security Month comes to an end, it’s amazing to see how many changes have been implemented in various companies and organizations throughout the month of October. Generating awareness about cyber security, or anything for that matter, is the single most effective way to instigate change. With the President declaring October as “Cyber Security Awareness Month” businesses and organizations both large and small have been encouraged to review the ways in which they protect their company’s assets as well as their confidential information.

On the 4th of October, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held its first open, full committee hearing on Cyber Security during the 112th Congress.  The meeting was titled “Cyber Threats and Ongoing Efforts to Protect the Nation.” During the committee hearing both Democrats and Republicans discussed the many challenges surrounding cyber security. Most notably there was a discussion concerning, “changes to government policy; [and] what can be done to create more effective ecosystems between the public and private sector; and the necessary adjustments to risk management and technology strategies.”  The following day representatives issued recommendations for action by the US congress calling, “cyber a ‘major national security issue’ and stating that cyber is ‘connected to our economy and job creation,’. Task Force Members called for a sense of urgency and said that targeted legislation could help.”

Considering the speed at which technology is expanding and changing, the importance for a declaration such as “National Cyber Security Awareness Month” has never been greater. Learning to hack into a computer system is as easy as typing “Hacking 101” into Google, Data Loss is as simple as pressing the send button at the wrong time. Unfortunately there is always going to be a group of people that take advantage of both of these circumstances. During the month of October, we at WatchGuard hope that you have taken the time recognize the importance of securing your network. Along with weekly blog updates, our company website offers many resources to ensure you are taking all the right steps in creating a secure network.


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