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Introducing WatchGuard’s XTM 330 – Next Generation Security Solution

Whether you are a small business run out of a home office, or a large corporation with multiple locations, network security should be a top priority. Too often we come across stories in the news about security breaches that could have been easily avoided had proper measures been taken to secure the company or organization’s confidential information. Unfortunately, similar to a security system in a home, people don’t act until it is too late. We understand that a purchase like this can be somewhat daunting seeing as most people do not have a background in network security. But at WatchGuard we pride ourselves in the fact that we make the purchasing process, installation, and deployment of our products simple enough for anyone.

The newest edition to the WatchGuard XTM Series is the XTM 330 security solution which continues with our tradition of affordability, superior security, and ease-of-use. The product is ideal for small businesses with approximately 30-50 users, for end-users and MSSPs.

XTM 330 is sold with the same options and upgrades as other products in the XTM line. These include:

  • All XTM subscription services, available a la carte or in Security Bundles
  • LiveSecurity Plus renewals and LiveSecurity Gold upgrades
  • Mobile VPN upgrades (the XTM 330 comes with support for 5 Mobile VPN/IPSec users, upgradable to 55, and with 55 SSL VPN users)
  • Control Internet usage, minimize security risks! Application Control ensures that employees use popular applications within guidelines set by the company
  • Find what you need ― fast! All-new log and report manager UI is designed for speed, flexibility, and visibility
  • Make secure remote access easy! Whether using corporate assets such as laptops, or riding the “Bring Your Own Device” wave with Smartphone and tablets such as the Apple® iPad, secure your road warriors

As more attention is paid to large corporations being breached, small businesses also need to be proactive about protecting their customers’ data and in doing so, protecting their own assets. WatchGuard’s latest XTM Security Solution is an impeccable opportunity to ensure that you are taking the appropriate measures in securing your company’s data.


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