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Introducing WatchGuard XCSv: Content Security for Your Virtualized World

WatchGuard XTMv logoOver the past few months, we at WatchGuard have announced that we would be extending our best-in-class next-generation firewall and extensible threat management product line, XTM, from its home on physical devices at the perimeter to a new virtual appliance form factor that runs on VMware vSphere, and have launched the new offering, WatchGuard XTMv, into a beta preview. (If you’d like to sign up for the XTMv open beta program, it’s not too late; you can do so here.)

Today, we’re taking another step, moving virtualized security forward to deliver a rich content security option. One particularly common application area that businesses and service providers deploy in their virtualized infrastructure is messaging (and, most frequently, Microsoft Exchange). Now these organizations can deploy our award-winning defense-in-depth solution, WatchGuard XCS, as a virtual appliance as well.

WatchGuard XCSv is also targeted at VMware vSphere virtualized environments, and delivers all of the robust email and web security capabilities businesses need, from anti-spam/virus/malware to content filtering to data loss prevention to URL and web content filtering to web application control. And it delivers it all with the same rich management and reporting capabilities previously available only with our dedicated physical devices.

(A few features of the XCS solution, including email encryption, will not be available in the beta, but will be offered once the virtual appliance is generally available.)

With WatchGuard XCSv, businesses can take advantage of the flexible deployment and availability protection afforded by their virtualized environments, in addition to leveraging the XCS clustering and queue replication capabilities.

You’ll be able to take advantage of the ease-of-use built into XCS too, with capabilities such as the Two-Minute DLP Wizard making it possible to configure expert security even if you’re not a security expert.

If you’ve been looking for the best way to bring rich inbound and outbound content security to your environment without adding specialized hardware, and want to take advantage of the capacity of your VMware virtualized deployment, consider participating in the beta program for WatchGuard XCSv.

About Roger B.A. Klorese

Roger B.A. Klorese is Director of Product Management for WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.


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