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Introducing WatchGuard XTM 25 and 26 Appliances

WatchGuard, continues to move security forward with the latest additions to the XTM Series; the XTM 25 and the XTM 26. Network protection is stronger than ever, with HTTPs inspection, VoIP support and optional application control. Application-layer content inspection recognizes and blocks threats that stateful packet firewalls cannot detect; this help ensure that anything entering the network will not comprise the critical data, applications or resources. Along with exceptional security, one should expect their security solution to be efficient and flexible:

–       Monitoring and reporting tools, included at no extra cost, support industry and regulatory compliance, with drill-down functions that make it easy to pinpoint specific activities.

–       Drag-and-drop Branch Office VPN setup – three clicks and your remote office is connected.

–       Intuitive management console centralizes configurations and streamlines remote management.

–       Call setup security for VoIP means you don’t need to “wire around the firewall” to take advantage of the big cost savings that VoIP can generate.

–       Multiple VPN choices deliver flexibility in remote access. Includes IPSec, SSL, and support for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

–       Advanced networking features, like transparent bridge mode and dynamic routing support, allow you to add security without needing to change existing network infrastructure.

–       Choice of wired or wireless models to suit your specific business requirements.

Enterprise-level security is something that every business should expect from their security vendor, regardless of size, this is a philosophy that WatchGuard has stood behind for over 15 years. The reality is, businesses that believe they are not are threat, are more likely for fall victim to breaches or data loss. Knowing this, it is vital that even the smallest of businesses take the necessary steps in securing their networks, applications and data.


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