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Eliminate Data Loss Gaps – Extend Data Loss Prevention to Web Traffic

The Internet provides many exit points for sensitive information to leave your organization. Communications sent by Internet mail, wikis, blogs, and social networks are now a major threat. Adding a web security solution that extends the data loss prevention capabilities provides consolidated visibility and control so you can meet stringent compliance requirements.

When investigating the various methods for data‐in‐motion protection of data leakage, it is vital to evaluate the entire landscape of content that employees use today. Today’s employee has instant access to the web and email through which content can escape, including sending data via popmail systems such as Hotmail®, wikis, blogs, and sending messages and files via email to unlimited, unknown and mostly unrestricted recipients. This fact highlights the risks of data loss prevention as a silo, versus a consolidated platform. The security and administration risks are gaps that place policies into various places in the network versus a single location. Further broadening the gap are disparate scanning of email and web mediums, and reporting data loss prevention activities and violations across multiple protocols and technical silos.

This is why we built our XCS appliance to provide data loss prevention for both email and web protocols in a single administrative access point for creating, managing and enforcing policies for protecting your organization from leakage. Our XCS data loss protection is not only transparent from end‐users as a gateway appliance, it provides effective and efficient security. Adding our XCS Web Security subscription to your XCS appliance allows you to extend your data loss protection to monitor beyond just SMTP traffic for comprehensive protection across email and web protocols. This comprehensive visibility and protection is now a necessity rather than an option. With the XCS Web Security subscription, you can scan content in all outbound web traffic, including attachments, for policy violations; it inspects context in sent communications including who is sending the data, where it is being sent, and to whom. To make this easy, it uses the same policies developed for your organization’s email communications to save time and ensure strong and consistent enforcement. Administrators can easily manage data loss prevention across protocols from one easy‐to‐use administrative console.

Overall, a data loss prevention solution must be able to effectively and comprehensively detect attempted policy violations. This includes:

  • Multi‐protocol monitoring and prevention
  • Content‐level analysis of all major file and attachment types
  • Selective blocking and/or quarantining of messages
  • Automatic enforcement of corporate encryption policies

For compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI, protection of intellectual property, and enforcement of appropriate use policies, a data loss prevention solution for data‐in‐motion will help address one of the most significant vectors for data loss: electronic communications.


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