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The Dirty Secret of Security Breaches

In our last blog – Network Security with Virtualization Best Practices – we promoted Cory Nachreiner’s upcoming session at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Orlando at the end of this month. We’d be remiss if we didn’t also share Dave Taylor’s session at the same show – The Dirty Secret of Security Breaches. That session is on October 23rd at 7pm.

Is the biggest security risk today Advanced Persistent Threats? Data leakage? No. Experts maintain that 95% of security breaches are due to firewall misconfiguration. Dave’s session will show you how easy it is to use advances in manageability and usability to put pinpoint control in the palm of your hand with our Next-Generation Firewalls.

Think security breaches can’t happen to you? Are you willing to take that risk? Before you answer, here are the largest data security breaches this century (we’re only 12 years in) that may change your mind, and while not all of them are related to a misconfigured firewall, they will open your eyes:

  1. Heartland Payment Systems in March of 2008 – 134 million credit cards exposed
  2. TJX Companies in December 2006 – 94 million credit cards exposed
  3. Epsilon in March 2011 – exposed names and emails of millions of customers
  4. RSA Security in March 2011 – up to 40 million employee records stolen
  5. Department of Veterans Affairs in May of 2006 – stolen database containing Social Security numbers and contact information for over 26 million veterans

If you have a Next-Generation Firewall, chances are there’s something of value behind it you need to protect. We hope to see you at Dave’s session to learn more about the right way to configure your network security appliance.


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