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A UTM Appliance Might be Your Network Security Muscle in 2013

In our last blog – What is UTM Security and is it Right for my Business? – we outlined the importance of a UTM appliance in combating today’s advanced persistent threats (APTs). Well since that blog went live, our own Corey Nachreiner, published a press release that revealed his top security predictions for 2013.

At the tail-end of a busy year for network security workers, Corey had this to say about 2013…

This is a year (2013) where the security stakes reach new heights, attacks become more frequent and unfortunately more damaging as many organizations suffer attacks before taking measures to protect themselves from the bad guys.

 Read the release for more detail, but here’s what he thinks might be in store for 2013:

    • A cyber-attack results in a human death
    • Malware enters the matrix through a virtual door
    • It’s the browser – not your system – that malware is targeting
    • The idea of ‘striking back’ gets a lot of lip-service, but does little good
    • We’ll pay for our lack of IPv6 expertise
    • Android pick-pockets try to empty mobile wallets
    • An exploit sold on the ‘vulnerability market’ becomes the next APT
    • Important cyber security-related legislation finally becomes law

If attacks such as these happen in 2013 as Corey predicts, then losses stemming from them will ultimately continue to rise and take their toll on not only small businesses, but enterprises as well.  Organizations that are serious about network security – protecting data, intellectual property (IP), and their reputation – are increasingly demanding best-in-class, multilayered solutions. These solutions centralize security controls in a single device, improving the IT organization’s control and simplifying management of network security.

Be sure to have the latest network security solutions in place as you head into 2013. These predictions are scary!


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