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The Smart Firewall: Redefining Best-in-Class

Best-in-class… It’s an adjective that gets overused quite a bit; especially in marketing departments that are looking to give their product an edge, a perceived value that may or may not exist. Best-in-class UTM solution for the ultimate network security protection. It certainly has a nice ring to it.

Here at WatchGuard, we use best-in-class too in defining our UTM solution, but we do it based on its design. It’s actually how we built our UTM appliances. While the other UTM providers struggle to develop the many diverse security technologies in-house, we partner with the category leaders in each specialized technology sphere. This means that our customers get mature, highly vetted, best-in-class network security solutions from AVG, Websense, BroadWeb, MailShell, Kaspersky, and other leading technology specialists.

If you are going to consolidate a security feature typically provided by a point solution into a UTM appliance—we believe that the UTM security feature should be of comparable efficacy to truly deliver best-in-class network security solutions. We understand and accept that no single company will ever be able to adequately research and develop the best technology for each discrete security problem. A shortcoming of the homegrown approach to multilayered network security, is that these UTM vendors end up producing a watered down security solution at each layer. We believe this practice contributes to the reluctance of some organizations to choose UTM appliances for their security.

No other network security vendor incorporates the best-in-class mantra to the extent that WatchGuard does, nor does any other company match our effectiveness at seamlessly integrating the partner security service into the user interface (UI).

Our best-in-class approach means our customers do not have to make security tradeoffs in order to benefit from consolidating security services and management and reduced cost. Layer-by-layer, our XTM multi-function network security firewall provides superior security over what competitors’ combination of in-house technologies can possibly muster.

Does our best-in-class approach work? Well many vendors who freely tout their raw throughput numbers are not so quick to publicize their UTM throughput numbers— the performance of the firewall once all the UTM security services are turned on. Our UTM performance is up to 3 times faster than UTM appliance performance of corresponding models from the other guys. If you are using a network security firewall for security (as we expect most organizations are), UTM performance is the only firewall performance metric that matters.

This is why we use best-in-class to describe how our UTM appliance is built, and why we use The Smart Firewall to describe the actual UTM appliance itself.


One thought on “The Smart Firewall: Redefining Best-in-Class

  1. I love the partnerships WatchGuard has with the providers of their best in class technology specialists who provide the core engines that WatchGuard uses in their appliances.

    Posted by David Williams | September 3, 2013, 1:37 am

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