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Java Security Hazard and the Need for Caution

Java (not the coffee) can be found on most computers and mobile devices these days, despite the fact that most operating systems don’t need it. The pervasive nature of Java (not the coffee) along with its familiarity is a hackers dream; fueled in part by what we call ‘drive-by download attacks.’ This is where a person is browsing the Internet and comes across an infected website – often times a legitimate site. The website forces a malicious piece of Java onto the computer, which takes advantage of vulnerabilities and infects the computer.

If you aren’t using an app that requires Java, we’re recommending that you remove it from your device. Today, Oracle has created a process that allows Java to run for certain apps, but disables it on your browser. Cory Nachreiner, our Directory of Security Strategy, sat down with USA Today and discussed the vulnerabilities inherent with Java (not the coffee). Check out the video below…

Java Security Hazard and the Need for Caution


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