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Australian Catholic Regional College Gives Students, Staff and Parents Safe and Secure Network Access

“Information security” is not just for businesses looking to safeguard their intellectual property, financial data or customer data. It is also a vital component of ensuring that students around the world maintain a positive learning environment. As we detailed in our last post, the ability to support numerous devices per student, enable access to public websites, and still maintain a commitment to student and teacher privacy is a battle school districts face globally.

As Catholic Regional College in Melton, Australia has found out, WatchGuard’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform enables it to offer its students secure browsing, but also delivers the performance to handle the bandwidth demands that are key in today’s learning environments.

The school, which serves more than 950 students, has committed itself to delivering a 1:1 student to computing device ratio for its students. Three years ago, the College network was much smaller and all activity was governed by Catholic Education Office rules. Making changes to policies or access control was difficult. But, recent growth in the College’s enrollment made a higher throughput option necessary to meet student and staff needs.

To meet these challenges, the school deployed two WatchGuard XTM solutions.

The flexibility and management WatchGuard delivers has enabled the school to support the introduction of new services for the school community. For example, parents were provided access to the school network, enabling them to view student grades and potentially sensitive welfare information. As any breaches of privacy could have legal ramifications, keeping this information secure is critical.

Now, everything running in and out of the network runs through the WatchGuard appliances, from data to the phone and security systems. With the System Manager and central console the school can see what’s going on in real time and take action.

Initially deployed just for its firewall capabilities, the team quickly deployed a second WatchGuard XTM 1050 at a central location to leverage the complete feature set available in the Unified Threat Management (UTM) platform, which includes IPS, AntiVirus, URL Filtering, AntiSpam, Application Control and more. The WatchGuard appliance also supports the school’s expanding range of IP addresses, increased throughput demands, and the need for Network Address Translation (NAT).

The folks at Catholic Regional College in Melton were kind enough to sit for a video interview, which you can view here. And as always, you can contact us with questions or drop a comment below.



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