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Following a Devastating Tornado, Walker Schools Rebuilds Network to Offer Secure Access to Key Educational Resources

When a tornado tore through Walker School District’s data center in 2011, the devastation took 95% of the district’s technology infrastructure. Turning tragedy into opportunity, the administrators worked to rebuild and support the district’s commitment to creating amazing educational opportunities for their students. This meant technology that could support key educational resources, and provide access to online and internal applications, while keeping students and staff secure.

In regard to key applications, the school has partnered with NASA to bring online a lunar observatory at its Science and Technology Center, where students can use and learn from NASA technology. In addition, to teach students about sustainable food growth, Walker Schools has created a ground breaking k-12 aquaponics program, the first curriculum of its kind in a U.S. school system.

In order to meet the technical demands of the district’s 11,000 users, Walker Schools deployed WatchGuard XTM 2520, WatchGuard XTM 1050 and WatchGuard XTM 525 integrated security platforms to power its network.

The Walker School District needed a high-performing Unified Threat Management solution and found it in WatchGuard.

The Walker School District needed a high-performing Unified Threat Management solution and found it in WatchGuard.

The key element for the Walker administrators was being able to implement a system within a tight budget, yet still deliver speed, easy administration, and cutting-edge security, which they found in WatchGuard.

This commitment to providing a solid technology backbone for the various programs the district offers has resulted in the district achieving higher test scores since implementing WatchGuard’s solutions. In fact, the improved student performance have been so attractive that Walker Schools has seen an increased number of student registrations from outside the district. Students who previously attended private schools have now switched to Walker Schools after seeing the innovative learning environment that has been created with the help of WatchGuard.

Investing in WatchGuard’s unified security solution ensures Walker Schools will receive tremendous long-term value through high-quality hardware. Walker Schools has seen
a vast increase in speed and bandwidth capability as well as a reduction in malware and virus outbreaks. The new solution has been able to handle heavy network traffic seamlessly, increasing response time within the student information system. Choosing WatchGuard is predicted to benefit the district with continued use for the next five to ten years.

The district has assured its students a solid platform to build their futures and WatchGuard is pleased to be a part of that growth and development.

You can read the official Walker School District Case Study here. And as always, you can contact us with questions or drop a comment below.


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