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WatchGuard Dimension Adds Microsoft Hyper-V Support and More

Over the last three months, WatchGuard Dimension, our free security visibility tool, has been taking the UTM market by storm. It has helped achieve a record high sales quarter in Q4 2013.  Customers say it’s changing the game in regard to how security information is presented, which allows them to more easily identify problems, see trends and set meaningful security policy.

This visibility issue is something that a recent Frost & Sullivan report talks in-depth about (click here to download it now). Industry Principal, Frank Dickson, writes, “The security industry has been commendable in creating new point solutions to address the evolving threat landscape. However, an unforeseen consequence has developed. As the complexity of the threats being combatted increased, the complexity of the security technologies used to combat the threats also increased.”

Here in lies the value of Dimension.  Taking oceans of security event and log data, visualizing that information in ThreatMaps, TreeMaps, etc., and making it simple for security professionals to get security intelligence!

And, to make Dimension even more powerful, today we announced a new version. You can download it or test-drive it here.  So what’s new?

We’ve extended Dimension’s capabilities with support for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware. This means users have more platform options when deploying the virtual appliance. The latest update also includes faster access and increased scalability with external and shared database support. We’ve also improved visibility with dynamic hostname resolution, and have added native language support for key countries (which will be available toward the end of Q1).

One of our customers, Tony Lara of Oasis Technologies, said it best, “The information is at our finger tips, it’s easy to use and understand, and it changes the game in regard to the type of data we can provide to our customers and how quickly we can do so.” As an MSSP, Oasis runs Dimension on Hyper-V. The company uses the tool’s executive reports and other features to drive additional revenue by offering new security services to its customers.

Want more details, head over to the Dimension page.

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