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The World Cup that keeps on giving…

FIFA World Cup 2014 has been a terrific tournament so far with lots of upsets, great goals, and controversial talking points. Neymar, Messi, and Von Persie are all in top form. Italy needs a 0-0 draw and can’t hold on. Suarez bites again. Greece and Portugal score in added time. United States makes it out of the “Group of Death.”  Here at the WatchGuard HQ in Seattle we were excited to see two of our local Seattle Sounders involved in the second USA goal against Portugal.

In this part of the world, most of the games occur during office hours.  So are you watching at work? It’s easy to find high definition streaming games on the Internet. Does your company or boss allow that? Google had a fun doodle last week highlighting this modern office dilemma.



Some people may be concerned about a productivity drain, but others may be concerned that users are using excessive bandwidth on streaming applications. A high def download of a 90 minute soccer game can take up to 4 Gb. Some companies want to completely block access to all streaming applications, but for others it may be more appropriate to limit the amount of data or the times of day where it can be used.

You might want to consider a solution that allows administrators to create policies that limit the amount of bandwidth that is dedicated to streaming media applications. Or, have administrators set policies to ensure that enough bandwidth is available for those business-critical applications that really need it. Whatever your policies are, WatchGuard can help.  We offer Fireware 11.9.  And, WatchGuard Dimension™ provides visibility to show how and where your bandwidth is being used.

USA vs. Belgium in the Round of 16. It’s today. I think the USA can win. Will it be on in your office?



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