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NSS Labs Recommended: WatchGuard Delivers Leading Combination of Security and Value in Analysis of Next Generation Firewall Appliances

NSS Recommended Hi-R#B1934 (2)

NSS Labs just completed its analysis of next generation firewall (NGFW) appliances and WatchGuard is excited to share that our XTM 1525 is one of the top-rated appliances, delivering a leading combination of security effectiveness and value in terms of both the cost per protected Mbps and security effectiveness (see Value Map below).

NSS NGFW SVM Edition 3 Graphic

According to the report, the XTM 1525 blocked 96.7 percent of attacks against server applications, 98.7 percent of attacks against client applications, and 97.8 percent overall. It proved effective against all evasion techniques tested and passed all the stability and reliability tests.

Vikram Phatak, chief executive officer at NSS Labs said, “Understanding the real-world performance and security effectiveness of next generation firewalls is vital for organizations that are looking to invest in these technologies to protect their business. The WatchGuard 1525 maintained consistent evasion and protection capability throughout the testing process.”

In the report, NSS also confirmed that the WatchGuard device successfully passed the NSS Application Control tests. “Our testing found that the WatchGuard Technologies XTM 1525 v11.8 correctly enforced complex outbound and inbound policies consisting of multiple rules, objects and applications. NSS engineers verified that the device successfully determined the correct application and took the appropriate action based upon the policy.”

WatchGuard’s XTM 1500 Series delivers up to 25 Gbps firewall throughput and 10 Gbps VPN throughput. Like all WatchGuard NGFW and Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances, the 1500 Series includes WatchGuard Dimension, the award-winning security visibility tool that helps instantly isolate and distill key network security threats, issues and trends.

For complete information on the 1500 Series, click here.

To access NSS Labs’ report, click here.


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