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The XCS 10 Forecast: Cloudy with 100% Chance of Content Security

Over the past decade, during the journey of server virtualization from primarily dev/test environments to mission-critical deployment on-premise and in the cloud, the applications that have led the way have been the email and web services that power most businesses. And as those business-critical uses keep growing so to do the need to keep them secure. But protection of virtualized and cloud-based deployments is difficult if you use solely traditional security appliances. That changes now with the arrival of WatchGuard XCS 10, the latest operating system for our enterprise content security platform.

In fact, if you’re a user of the XCS hardware and XCSv virtual appliances with a LiveSecurity subscription, you can upgrade now for free.

With new Microsoft Hyper-V® support, IPv6 support, and outbound anti-spam capabilities, XCS 10 streamlines the implementation and management of content security strategies for small, medium and large enterprises.

According to Gartner, nearly two-thirds of x86 architecture workloads have been virtualized on servers. The growth of virtualization in the SMB and mid-sized enterprise has been accompanied with the growth of Hyper-V market share. As email and Web being two of the most commonly virtualized enterprise applications, having the ability to protect them within the same cloud/virtualized environment in which they are deployed gives IT organizations increased flexibility and business continuity. This streamlines management as well as enables the system to scale.  And now they can take advantage of this power on Hyper-V as well as on VMware vSphere.

Unlike software-only solutions, customers do not need to install, maintain, and patch operating systems and other tools in order to deploy rich email and web security with data loss prevention.

WatchGuard XCS 10.0WatchGuard XCS 10 also brings support for the IPv6 standard. One of the side effects of the rise in virtualization and the digitization of the world’s workforces is that we have effectively run out of blocks of “classic” IP addresses. In fact, in some parts of the world, IPv6 is now mandatory. WatchGuard XCS 10 not only supports IPv6, but also enables mixed legacy environments to ensure global connectedness and security.

For complete release details, you can find the press release here, or visit the product page here.

Are You Ready for the Great IPv6 Migration?

Tune in for WatchGuard’s IPv6 Readiness Webinar Series, Starting June 8th

In 1984, the capacity for 4.3 billion potential web addresses provided by IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) seemed like an enormous amount for the fledgling public Internet.  However, rapid worldwide Internet adoption and the proliferation of devices (PCs, cars, smart phones, etc.), each requiring its own IP address, has depleted the amount of available IP addresses and necessitated development of a new addressing architecture, IPv6. 

Not only will IPv6 scale to the Internet’s foreseeable growth by providing an exponential increase in IP addresses that can be assigned, but it may also deliver other benefits, such as faster network traffic and improved security.  However, because IPv6 and IPv4 architectures are not compatible, it is essential for businesses to be ready and equipped for the transition.

Wednesday, June 8th, is World IPv6 Awareness Day and the Internet Society (IOSC) is sponsoring global testing of IPv6 content enablement. To coincide with this pivotal experiment and build further momentum in educating IT professionals and business decision makers as they make the significant transition, WatchGuard is launching its IPv6 Readiness Webinar Series.

On June 8th, WatchGuard will present three live webcasts (7:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., and 8:00 p.m. PDT), and answer IPv6: Hype or Reality.  Hosted by Corey Nachreiner, Senior Network Security Analyst and Tim Helming, Director of Product Management, this pithy, hour-long session will offer a foundational overview of IPv6 as well as insight into how it will impact your business.  Subsequent monthly webinars will provide more in depth education on security considerations, preparations for your network, and WatchGuard-related IPv6.

Register now and choose the optimal time for your schedule.  A recording will be made available for those who cannot attend one of the live sessions.

Stay tuned via Twitter and Facebook for announcements about our future IPv6 webinars.